Used n Abused
2003-11-06 04:56:07 (UTC)


HeHE i had fun tonight. I went to youth group. and when i
first got there i thought Devin was avioding me or
something but as soon as we were going to the other
building he gave me a hug and stuff. so ok during youth
group Mary Jane (the one in charge) was all like yall need
to move down ,your all to bunched up and its distracting. i
was like ok. i guess she thought i was sittin to close to
Devin on the floor. So i got up and sat on the chair and he
stayed where he was. ok anywho. after it was over i said
come on Devin lets go. lol i made brittany come to. so we
went to the playground and behind the cafeitiera
building .i was all like ok...sooooo.hehe : ) so finally he
hugged me and grabed my bootay..(cause i got a nice big ass)
lol and started kissin on my neck and then finally we kiss
with tongue. it was wonderful.hehe. we've kissed before
like on halloween in the cemetery but it was a peck.hehe
but I dunno. Joseph tricked me! he said call my cousin she
wants to talk to you. so i call and talk to her a lil bit.
and i called him back and hes all like what did my mom have
to [email protected]@!!!!ekkkkkkk i knew she sounded familar.but i
dunno Im mad at Marvin he hasn't called me!!!!!!pooo i
called him but his phone was off so i left a
message..anywho im going bye bye feedback please. oxoxo
God Bless! Love YaLL Pray 4 Me. LovE alwAysS ,
uSeD n aBuseD