Used n Abused
2003-11-05 18:27:26 (UTC)

days unpon days

Im so freaking bored~!!! Last night joseph had his cousin
call and act like some other girl from pinebluff. she said
yea my name is jeanie and i came down here to see joseph
and we've been going together for a month. and he said
you'v been telling lies on him . He said you've been
begging for him to go with you. PUH-LEAZE... NoOO.Anywho.
it seems all i talk about now is joeseph. lets talk about
my boyfriend Marvin. OK so i found out Marvin has a bad
side. Or it might of been cause he was tired?I dunno. Im so
afraid hes gonna break up with me and i don't want that to
happen. I couldn't take the hurt. Im just a wimp i guess!
Omg I Can't wait till tomorrow ! Tomorrow We're leaving to
Houston! Yay I'll get to see Charity!!! =-)Can't wait i'll
have fun!!!! Well im gonna go toodles feedback please/. bye
bye oxox love yall peACe Out
uSeD n AbUSeD