Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-11-05 13:14:26 (UTC)

Middle of the week, YEAH!

Here we are again, we've made it halfway through another
week! Only 2 more days to pray that nothing overdraws our
account until he is paid again, lol!
I am really getting frustrated with my son, and I don't
know why. I love him dearly, there's no doubt about that,
but it's like he has totally recessed from all of the
progress we had made. I don't understand what made it
happen, and what to do to make it better. This morning I
had to yell at him because he was running out into the
street because he wanted to be the first one on the bus!
I wonder if he is feeding off of my stress. My mom always
tells me that with the relationship that he and I have, he
feels what I feel, no matter how far away he is from me.
That is almost scary. I have been stressing because we
have just a few short weeks left (10) until this baby is
due to be here, and that's if it comes on time! We are
supposed to go get the crib this weekend, and just pass on
our bills for this week until that is bought.
The other stress seems to be that what I had hoped would be
an easy-going deal is going to be at least somewhat ugly.
I finally heard back from the county domestic relations
office and my ex didn't respond to the letter about back
child support. So now it will be filed with a prosecuting
attorney and go to court. I didn't want it to be that way,
I just wanted to meet and work something out for the sake
of our son. So, probably right around the time that we
have the baby (or when it's due), we will be scheduled for
court. As it stands right now, I have been sent into
collections for back medical bills on our son, and this
will just delay payment on them. This is a stress that I
was really hoping to avoid. I just wanted what was due for
our son, no more than that. I don't want an increase or
anything, just what he was short for the last couple of
years while he paid on his other son.
Then, he (my ex) calls yesterday and tells me that he has
to work Saturday so it will be sometime that afternoon
before he will be picking him up for visitation. I told
him that is fine, we will be in town anyway for my
grandfather's 80th birthday. But my husband seemed kind of
put out on why our son was being shorted on his
visitation. I told him, it's because his father has to
work. I wonder what that was about? Like it really
Oh, just a side note, the dry streak was over this past
weekend. I asked him about why he has been so stand-offish
about our sexual relationship, and he says that he is just
being cautious. He is still worried about me and the
baby! I told him that we are fine, and he told me I keep
telling you that, but I don't think that you have gotten
that through your head yet! I laughed and told him that I
know he and I are fine, I was talking about me and the
baby. That we are doing fine!
Anywho, my parents and middle brother are in CA to see my
baby brother get off the Nimitz after a very long 9 month
deployment. All I can hope is that all goes well. Later!

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