Cosmic Rain
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2003-11-05 07:12:46 (UTC)


I had a strange dream last night. I even got mad and I even
shouted, then instantly felt bad for it. Why is it, I can't
even shout and be mad in my dreams let alone outside of

I keep seeing this guy from my past. Actually my family's
past. He dated my oldest sister and whilst being with her,
thought he'd make moves on me too. Filthy prick. Worst part
was I liked him. Just didn't like what he did to me. I
Found out a year or so ago after I moved here that he lived
around this area, actually a few streets from me, but I've
never seen him. Then from Sunday to yesterday I have seen
him twice. I don't think he's seen me, but I don't really
know. I'm just finding it weird that after all this time
I'm seeing him lots. Tis like the next time he will see me.
And I'm not interested in any small talk or hellos..

The air is hollow, the night has become still..The sky is
overcast breaking the suns will to shine through like a
face from the past...Be gone again...Stay away again..Don't
want this to last..

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