The Boy Looked At Johnny
2003-11-04 18:22:13 (UTC)

November 4, 2003. Afternoon.

I turned 24 yesterday, which was fine. 24 seems
significantly older than 23. Have I been wasting my time?

Kelly had some friends in town from Providence, Susie and
Cara -- I love having bands stay over. They played a show
at the Happy House, of which I saw about half. I had band
practice at 8:30, and then after that I went to my parents'
and had a cherry pie. They also are going to buy me a cell
phone for my birthday, which I am in need of -- my phone
service was shut off two weeks ago, due to the fact that I
owed them about $150 from long-distance calls to Jessy over
the summer. So I've been without a phone for two weeks,
which is sort of a hassle but also oddly satisfying. I call
people from work when I'm there, or I email.

Anyway, Jessy took me out Saturday, which was great. We
went to Wellinghurst's, and it was the nicest meal I've had
in I-don't-know-how-many years. A REAL restaurant,
Wellinghurst's is, and not a diner, cafeteria, buffet,
greasy spoon, novelty, or chain restaurant! Mind you, I've
no problem with those types of places, but it's not to see
how real people eat once in awhile, too. Anyway, she also
organized my CDs and card cataloged them, as only a
librarian could do.

Before that, on Halloween, the Red Nails played a show with
some of the all-ages heavy hitters, Black Cross and
Christiansen. It was a large crowd, and an average
response. I dressed as Fidel Castro, with a cigar and dyed
beard and everything else. A guy from my art history class
liked it, and wanted to do a show with his band, Ten to
Midnight. Danny's new band Commitatus, my friend Salena's
new band Venus Trap, a friend of Jessy's from Lexington's
band the Elephants and the Pine Club all want to do shows
with us, too, so we have some good lineups coming up, I
hope. I suppose we'll do some recording as well soon. The
overall feel of the band is fine, and it's fun. Dan has
been pissing off a lot of people though, lately -- I could
never be in a truly successful band with him, because I'd
spend half the time playing damage control, with him
shooting off his mouth to anyone who'll listen and
generally acting like Barry Champlain in "Talk Radio." But
for the time being, it's just fine.