The Diary of Me
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2003-11-04 15:10:53 (UTC)

Live again

I decided to make my diary live again cuz, i dunno, i just
thought that maybe sum kind of miracle might happen and
sum1 will write to me with sum sort of solution to
everything...or maybe not. lol, crazy. It's worth a
try... i wanna start drums but...i dunno, i really shud
stop sayin i dunno all the time its gettin well dumb.
crying sucks...i gives u sore eyes...and a cold...and it's
just dumb. I dint wanna cry 2day but i just...cudnt help
it, i h8 cryin, but i cudnt think of anything else to do.
i just want everythin to be all ok again, insted of bein
so fuked up...anyway...ill just cry agen so ill sut up cuz
i dont wanna cry agen do i? i think i mite read other
ppls live journals and see if there's anything inspiring
or sum gud ideas or wothavya...mayb there's sum1 with the
same problems i can relate to as me...yeah...i wud usually
write loooooads more but my eyes are hurtin and imm too