Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2003-11-04 06:48:08 (UTC)

Poem - "The Last Laugh"

The boys of summer are just out of sight
But their shadows are holding fast,
Their voices so clear still ring in my ear
Like spirits that dwell in the past.
Irony’s fist of iron has dealt
A powerful blow indeed,
To be tossed in the fire with the schemers and liars
Is the last thing my healing wounds need.
It all began with a brief exchange
That plays to this day in my head,
But more was to lurk in the fog and the murk
Between the lines that I read.
In a matter of minutes I made up my mind
That fateful warm afternoon,
From playing the blues to paying my dues
For singing a different tune.
Had I known the price, I might have thought twice
Before climbing the teetering ladder.
Imagine flicking a light switch on
And watching the cockroaches scatter.
Such is the way of the shameless, relentless,
And greasy young sycophant.
I feel their presence behind the thin walls,
I try to ignore it but can’t.
They’re watching and waiting and wanting to win
Should I slip or stumble in stride,
They’re crouched to attack and ready to pounce
And they’ll take dead aim on my pride.
With a foot in the door and surprises in store,
They’re leading the inside edge,
Their cheap fast talking has got me walking
A precarious perilous ledge.
I’ve been wrongfully hated, abused and berated
For what I keep locked in my head,
But to suffer the same for this treacherous game
Makes me swell with loathing and dread.
But it takes a lot more than a two-dollar whore
To shake me and break me in half,
Having risen above when push comes to shove,
It is I who will have the last laugh.