Montana bound
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2003-11-03 22:44:17 (UTC)


Well, I got the job at Smith's, thank God. I'm glad I
have it, but I think I'll be regretting taking graveyard
shift tonight after working this morning. I just got home
from today's shift, and my feet are sore, I'm beat, and I
have no desire to do anything but curl up and go to bed or
laze around and vegetate for the next 24 hours.
Unfortunately, I can't do that, as I opted to go back to
work at midnight tonight. One thing's for sure, by the
time I get off work tomorrow morning, I'll be dead tired
and ready for nothing more than at least a good 10 hours'

Hopefully I'll get to talk to Jessica tonight before I
go. If not, I suppose I'll have to wait til after she
gets out of school tomorrow.

I need caffeine.

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