2003-11-03 22:06:36 (UTC)

two and a half years. and here..

two and a half years.
and here i sit.
listening to the same old song.
thinking the same old thoughts.
and wishing for the same fucking things.

a picture above my computer.
brings a sort of comfort.
saying, yes. look. proof.
it happened, youre not crazy.

but i must be.
because a box full of pictures are all i have any more.
the memories start to fade too quickly and ive been left
with nothing but colourful fragments of a life thats not
even mine anymore.

and i should be at work, i should be on the road.
i should be so many place but where i am right now.

a moment in time.

and when i see you now its all a haze.
youre not yourself.
youre not the one i fell in love with.

youre vague and mushy.
like i could scream and it would take you 20 mins to turn.
or maybe you just never would.

maybe you never loved me quite as much as i loved you.

you used to be so passionate.
it was what i liked the most.

how do i let go of something that doesnt exist anymore.

how do i tell myself that its over.
its over...

where the fuck has my girl gone.