Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-11-03 21:00:06 (UTC)


So ya this past weekend pretty much sucked...lately i dunno
its been not wierd but everyone has been on a bad
mood..lauren kier and katey are like attached at the hip
and they leave everyone doesnt bother me too much
cuz if i dont wanna deal wit it i leave but i feel bad for
cheryl and erin..they have to deal with the three of them
all the time..the beginning of halloween was pretty was erin's birthday and i decided to make her a
hat lol it was really funny and she wore it all day..until
kierstin was all like thats dumb take it off :( we went
to salvo to find me a costume and i got some interesting
stuff...laur and kier started doin my hair at like 730 and
it looked really goood..i was an 80's rocker chick type
girl gonna have to send pics cuz i looked really
cute lol..neway we all got ready but we didnt go to the
party until 1030 and i was sittin in my costume
at the party the butt girls like ignored everyone and no
offense but i hate when ppl do that..that why i like goin
to small parties cuz its easier to cheryl was
mad too and my stomach hurt and my feet were killing me so
i asked her to take me bak...and lauren got mad at her! cuz
she didnt wanna leave cuz then lauren would drive under the
influence but no matter what she drives she wont let neone
drive her ya and like ever since its been really ya i have a shitload of homework and i have to
write 2 5 page papers by friday..hopefully friday will be
better cuz were supposed to go visit cindy at penn state
and meet all her whenwood friends cuz theyre havin a party
so that will get us away from the cliquy group and maybe
things will get better...