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2003-11-03 20:12:29 (UTC)

Im gonna marry him

Keith and I are getting married before the baby is born
hopefully. I love him, and he's the one I want to spend my
life with. We're going to start trying to get pregnant on
Wednesday. I can't wait.

3 Always
Amanda Allen

Shunned by my own
They took away my few shining stars
All that's left are tears
And my heart's left with tears
I guess I'm not a part of what they call family

You tell me off, without remorse
Tell me to go to hell
And of coarse
No apologies as always

Might as well kill me
I'm useless to you
Not much left as you can see
You've taken it all
I've taken the fall
Now I crawl to my grave
To late to save

Paralyzed by the thought of tomorrow
Just please release my sorrow
It's too much to swallow
My soul is now hollow

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