The Diary of Me
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2003-11-03 16:39:07 (UTC)

Lots of thoughts

I thought...hahaha thought...never mind...i thought i'd
write lots of thoughts cuz i feel like it....
Jennie is bugging....again....she's just so...dumb cuz she
dus things to impress other people and its annoying.
Like, she dresses all low cut tops and showing her belly
and skrits and stuff and she int even that gorge and stuff
but she reckons she is and thats annoyin cuz i h8 ppl like
that. And she aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalways goes on about er new
house and her pony and her bedroom and her sleepovers with
lads allowed. I bet she won't even be allowed to have
lads sleep. And it annoys me cuz she lets her mum treat
her like a baby. well shes pretty stupid but she just i
dunno...she reckons shes all mature but she aint cuz she
dus the stupidest things, fallin for a 40 year old pervert
for example, you'd have thought she would have learnt but
she ant. She reckons thats its gud that all that shit
happened cuz now her mumkll let lads sleep. Thats fuckin
well stupid to say. What an arsehole, thats how immature
she really is and it aint just that its other stuff. I
know im immature but i know when im going to far and stuff
like that. i know i get pissed all tge time even after my
mums told me not to but every one dus it but no one goes
around meetin up with perverts. thats just dumb. getting
pissed is a laff and ya hav a gud time if parents and
adults fuck off and leave you to it without being on your
case 24bludy seven. i really do hate adults....i really
do fukin h8 not being ble to go down town to see my fukin
m8s because of all this confidence shit. I cant believe
it, it just pisses me off so much...its my mums
fault...their, i've blamed sum1 and i have a reason so
there. krissie totally pisses me off as well. I had my
halloween party on friday and seh just bugged the hell
outta me, she just kept moaning and shi "why do we hav to
have the lights off, wheres the food, blah blah blah..."
and then she just keeps acting all serious and shit like
shes all mature and knows everything, its so fukin annoyin
and if i had my confidence back id tell her to fuk off.
yeah and like me and jennie were talkin about how annoyin
krissie was and stuff and then jennie starts actin all
pally with her, i mean i dint ignore her all nite and be a
bitch with krissie but i dint act all pally after id just
been bitchin about her. Jennie's 2-faced, im 2-faced but
at least i can admit it and i try my hardest not to be and
only really bitch in my head or on my diary so fuk off
you. ARGH! i so wanna be crazy agen, and even more crazy
than i used to be cuz it was fun and i well luvd it cuz
bein crazy is wicked and stuff,. krissie's rude, she just
thinks she can get away with cumin into my house with her
friends or on her own and eat everything, she knows that
my mum has money problems but she dont giv a shit. She
just eats eats eats, she's so fukin annoyin. i want to
think of a really goooooooood msn name sumet like a really
coool true fact like sumet about life or death or
wothavya... jennie keeps invitin me to her house, but
she dunt realise that i well dont wanna go, its so boring
and all she dus is jobs and stuff. I hate it thought
because illl go to other peoples house and they dont
bopther makin an effort...ya know...because im there and
stuff cuz wen ppl sleep over i always make sure theres
food and films and drink and everthin and then they still
fukin complain espec hannah, then wen i go out 2 other
ppls houses, they just expect me to sit there and do fuk
all and dont even try to make me feel comfortable...mayb i
shud start being like that just to get back at everyone,
maybe i shud quit tryin so hard to please every1....or
mayb not because ppl always call me selfish and evertin
and call me a shit m8, there are sumtimes wen i dont wanna
try but thats only becasuse i feel cheated and like im
being left out of what the fuk u wanna call it. yea, mayb
i suhd quit tryin fuk mum, fuk jennie, fuk krissie and
everyone you can all go to HELL! yea fuk off and leave me
alone....jennie dunt even giv a shit about my feelings,
she alwys goes into her own little word and leaves me on
my own, she nevber listens to my problems but i have to
listen to hers, "hey jennie, i really need to tell you, i
took n overdose the other niten nd im..." "oh im getting
my pony soon, its called sian, int that well funny,
ahahahahaha...anyway gotta go bye..." thats a gud example,
so mayb i am being selfish but readinn that i dont think
so, i mean...sumones gotta listen..and at the moment that
sum1 is fukin diary. i dont have a god i believe
in, i dont have non god i sit and pray for help and stuff
ever nite and day and talk to. i have a diary, maybe thats

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