2003-11-03 02:44:49 (UTC)

not me, why the hell her.

doesnt even know who a perfect circle fucking is. what a

well that was a weird day. i woke up so fucking late, i
was more tired last night than ive been in a while. but we
took a trip to st petersburg because our cultural event
paper is due next week and he insisted on the dali museum
which i went along with for lack of a better idea even
though i was trying to wait for her to find a way to go
with me, my paper cant wait THAT fucking long... but i
bought her somethin=) then we went to the pier for awhile,
went in some shops downtown and he bought me some stuf and
then he took me for SUSHI yay sushi it was pretty good.
not amura but not bad. but i really was ready to kill him
after however many hours we were there and then he got us
lost on the way home and im home 2 hours later than i
wanted to be but. ugh.

maybe he could get the fuck offline in case shes trying to
get on.

i cant wait til this semesters over, school wise, i dont
want to rush the next couple months cus its my favorite
time of year but i am so over this semester it feels
worthless like im learning nothing and only getting 6
fucking credits, next semester im guna take 4 or 5
classes. i always think i hope she can take the same stat
class as me so we can help each other and i could see her

"But I guess she likes to be sad and angry...with her back
turned to everyone. I知 not that way, so I guess it was
doomed from the beginning." what a bitch. i dont care.
and i want to tell her dont ever fucking even open your
mouth about me and ashleys relationship again because you
dont know the first fucking thing about it. YOU STUPID

i really want to see her. i was thinking about her a lot
today. i might go to tampa next weekend.
idontavertmyeyes [9:15 PM]: awwwwww
idontavertmyeyes [9:15 PM]: youre the cutest girl in the
world =) i love you so much
idontavertmyeyes [9:15 PM]: no one makes me happy the way
you do

idontavertmyeyes [9:20 PM]: NO COME HERE NOW
idontavertmyeyes [9:20 PM]: come.
idontavertmyeyes [9:20 PM]: i want you in my pink bed and
on my porch

i was listening to a couple cds she made me awhile ago.
and i was thinking about how i remember distinctly when we
met, the first time we kissed, a lot of stuf.

then i was thinking about the first time i remember seeing
caroline, she drove us to sea world and drove us home and
she played dear god and david was with her on the way
home... and the first time we hung out, i think was the day
we cooked dinner at her apartment for the family, i didnt
even want to go that day i was so mad at him for dragging
me along but then it was so much fun, and then when i
first cut all my hair off, he and i went to dinner with the
family and i was like "um so.. is your sister coming" haha
and she did but just for a minute... and the day i talked
her into cutting her hair and i did it in my bathroom and
then matt and gus were having band practice so we got ice
cream and played tetris.. the morning after i slept with
maria, i didnt want to go home yet but i was still in
jammies and i went to her house for awhile... and tammys
birthday party when i was so fucked up and she came there
and that was the first night i spent the night with her in
her bed i spent the night once before but i slept on the
little mattress thing and that was when she started making
fun of my twitching before i fall asleep and the night
heidi and keith came over to watch a movie and she held my
hand on the couch... and i never wanted to go into work in
the afternoon cus id usually be at her apartment and not
want to leave... and all these things running through my
head things i usually dont think of when i think of her and
i was smiling in spite of everything.

if I be so inclined to climb up beside you,
would you tell me that the time just isnt right.
and if I ever find the key you hide so well,
will you tell me that I can spend the night?

leavin your smell on my coat, leavin your taste on my
shoulder, i still fail to understand what it is about this

it will be okay right. i just love her so much. why isnt
that enough.