I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-11-02 19:59:54 (UTC)

Craft Fairs

I went to a craft fair today with my mom. It was a nice
day here today, warm, but not hot, and a really great

There were lots of people, and about half of them brought
their dogs which I thought was kind of cruel because here
was all this fair food smell and the dogs couldn't have
any, and then tons of people and I'm sure it got quite
warm with all that fur.

Anyway, there wasn't a single thing there that I wanted to
buy. There were the tye-dyed teeshirts and onesies, the
pop guns made with a cork, the scarf that's a scarf, a
shirt, a skirt AND it makes coffee!, ugly puzzles, tons of
doggie dress-up clothes, and so on. (Though I did see a
sign that said cats are just tiny women with cheap fur

Do people really make a living doing craft fairs? I mean,
really, the stuff was pretty bad. But there were people
walking around with things that they had bought. Maybe I
just have better taste than most.

Now I'm at home, and enjoying my Sunday. I should be doing
some math homework, but I'm not. *sigh* It got hard all of
a sudden. Booo.