2003-11-02 07:40:55 (UTC)

hey beautiful...whats behind..

hey beautiful...whats behind you. whats inside
you...tonight? is it only for tonight? is that what you
want. is that all you can see in me. the only gift youd
like to receive? well im not playing that
heartbrokenlostfindyourselfinlust, role anymore. im
stronger than youll ever be aware. my life is a list that
youll never be apart of. and no. id have to say no to that
request. im sorry. yes, i know it would be a good time.
but not a time worth having without some substance
attached. im sorry. ive been fucked more times in more
ways than you could probably even think of, and the void
just gets bigger....with each and every fucking goodbye.
thanks. yeah. call sometime. mhmm. goodbye. goodbye. got
to get to work now. you forgot your jacket. your plug.
that cd. fuck you. fuck you. i fucking hate all of you.
you want a piece? you want some? carve your fucking name
inside me with your nails you forgot to cut. no i dont
know where my clippers are. no im not even bothering to
shave anymore. you have to pee? get me a beer while your