Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-11-02 07:18:47 (UTC)


Well today was good, well the part that I got to talk to
Corr, so much has changed in one day I am so confused about
some of it.

Well Anywho, I found out where Cory and I will be moving
to. Germany, can you believe it. It all seems so sureal to
me but yes it is really happening. *Thinks about hold Cory*
Feels good to me. I am so excited about seeing him in 48
days. YAY! Only a month and like 2 3 weeks. Who knows. But
We have all these special things planned for when he comes
to visit. It is going to be excellent. So much is going to
happen when he comes home but that is for another day to
talk about.

This probably wont be very long but I wanted to tell Britt
happy birthday since she is makin a deal of it so I thought
I would to.
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Brittany
Happy Birthday to you
There you go. Alright well I am going to say my goodnights
so I can rest up for my mans call tomorrow.
Have a good one
Always Jenn