Oh The Life Of Me
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2003-11-02 06:15:59 (UTC)

^_^ Here I Am ^_^

Yeah, I got a job...a while ago. Hence the not writing.
Well, first things first, my job. I am a
DAMMIT! I just take surveys. I get paid to get yelled
at. "I'll be your lightning rod of hate!" But other than
your expected icky people...I luv my job! The people
kickass, my managers kickass and I make money ^_^ I have
no complaints....Except for these two guys I work with who
are really obnoxious and annoying and rude and cruel and,

In other news, I was invited out of the blue to join a new
RPClub so that kind of made my day. Don't even know the
people but you gotta wonder, why they ask me? *shrug* It's
cool so far from what I've seen, I'll just have to wait
and see if it turns out like another FR (only about 5
people will know what that is so dont worry if you dont
^_^) Oh and speaking of FR, guys don't get mad at me! My
internet provider wont let me update geocities so you are
just going to have to wait! NOW STOP BUGGING ME :P

Well I guess thats all I got for now, I will start writing
in this more, I know you all find it so great! :P

Till then, Toodles Poodles and Ramen Noodles!

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