Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-11-01 22:49:58 (UTC)

The Haze of our Lives

A couple days ago, we reviewed for our Matrix Theory test
for next Tuesday, and then afterwards we had a short little
quiz in complex variables in our next class. Instead of
taking the 'scenic' route home that night, I decided to
take the interstate instead, and was abruptly surprised to
find blue flashing lights behind me. I slowed down, and
changed lanes, and sure enough, he followed me... Hell, I
didn't know how fast I was going, but I was sure that was
what it was all about...and it was! I was a bit miffed,
because I was sure that I was doing the speed limit, but it
turns out that I was just *before* the speed limit change,
so I threw my hands up in disgust and cursed and just plain
got mad... Anyways, the highway patrolman was nice enough
to reduce my charge, just that I had to pay more attention
to what I was doing.... Yes, I was thinking of matrices at
the time, and I was playing STP fairly loud in there.....

I came home to find that my mother was watching my kids,
and that my wife had gone to the hospital because she had
vomitted a couple of times. I didn't tell her (my mother)
about my ticket, since it was their car that I was
borrowing...didn't feel like adding (or dealing) with any
more trouble than I had to that night.

I had work the next morning, and so showed up, but I was
just exhausted beyond measure, for whatever reason, but I
still managed to pull through without too much difficulty.
I was supposed to work that night, but when my wife got
back from the hospital the other night, she had dropped a
few hints here and there that I probably should tell my
work supervisors that I probably had to stay home this
night. I needed the hours for sure, but the wife was
pretty adamant about it, and it seemed legitimate enough,
since she had a note and everything from the doctor saying
that she wasn't supposed to do anything for the next 24
hours, and the boys really had to go trick-or-treating that
night. So I called in (because she wasn't feeling any
better), and they made a big stink about it, which I knew
was going to happen, but it got resolved (with someone
being very upset, they told me), but I just said sorry...
I hated to put them into a bind, but my family has got to
be first priority here, and I was adamant about it myself,
and so, oh well... (probably'll get fired, lol, but I hope

I took them to the mall; they were dressed as Saints, and I
was a spooky vampire (go figure...). We stopped at the
grocery store, and bought some frozen pizzas (and other
stuff), and came home.

I tried to do some statistics homework/studying last night,
but apparently fell asleep, lol...