Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-11-01 21:30:17 (UTC)


This is disgusting--
"Yorkshire is to get its own River Ganges complete with
platforms from which ashes of the dearly departed can be
ceremonially scattered over the river.

In what amounts to an insult to all the people campaigning
for a cleaner environment, Bradford City Council is
considering a request for the River Aire which flows
through the city, to be used a substitute River Ganges
wherefrom Yorkshire Hindus can scatter the ashes of their
loved ones instead of heading to the sub-continent to visit
their sacred Ganges.

Inevitably the well meaning but confused liberal do-gooders
on Bradford Council are running around like headless
chickens trying to placate the White Britons who make up
the vast majority of the electorate and who have very real
concerns about the use of the River yet at the same time
are trying not to appear "racist".

Our own laws and our own customs which have developed over
a period of thousands of years in these islands are once
again being elbowed out to compromise the demands of people
who have been recently settled in Britain"

I'm sure they would't like it if we went to their country
and dug mass graves to bury our deceased relatives. They'd
probably turn around and petrol bomb us, as it is with the
Muslims at the moment.

Jesus, the sooner we get these people-if you can call them
that out of our country, the happier I, and I'm sure many
hundreds of thousands of people would be.
I'm sick and tired of these people ruining our country, if
they didn't have so many bloody children then they wouldn't
be living in such wretched, poverty stricken, squalid
conditions, and they wouldn't have to get the hell out of
their countries. They bring it on theirselves. They can't
blame anyone but them selves for breeing like rabbits.
The best we can have for is myxomatosis. The government
isn't going to do anything.