2003-11-01 21:06:07 (UTC)

shake shake shake your stuf

so. yesterday was alright. i didnt fuck up anything at
work and i did some kick ass photo scotch print signs for
soap opera week at disney. the worst part of the day was
how matt was moping around work all day he irritates me hes
like "you look so good with your hair like that" not "your
hair looks good" i dont know he makes me uncomfortable...
and all day "i have a lot on my mind" but then making
little comments to danielle and i wanted to scream UGH get
over yourself i'm going out of my way to be nice to you and
i feel bad enough, you know. dont be so dramatic. you
dont even know me.

his daddy was murdered. thats sad.

but then i sent him a text message after i left cus i felt
bad and said hope you feel better.

last night was fun actually, i did my makeup and wore my
fishnets and wings and i made some really good jello shots
and had too many and we rented identity, we didnt finish it
cus its too scary and then we watched big daddy. matt got
pissed because caroline called me and i talked to her and i
lied and said it was claudia but i dont care.. i was
wanting to call her but i didnt know if i could. he can
just be mad.

he took me shopping this morning though at urban outfitters
hell yeah. i spent a bunch of money. or he did. i got
lots of stuf i love that store.

blahdeblah. tomorrow we're going to some art museum for
our cultural event paper. should be alright. and tonight
sebastien and i are going to see caroline at work and going
to rocky!!! YAY for rocky. he might bring this guy he
likes. i hope she likes my hair.