champagne supernova
2003-11-01 17:03:55 (UTC)


well yesterday was halloweeen and i did have fun! it was a
long day, as all of these days have been since i started
working. i dont fancy working that much. but ill admitt its
only because im new and i dont know crap compared to
everyone else, and yes although my job is to make
sandwiches, i still hate feeling like the odd man out. i
like to know what im doing as well as know that im doing it
well, so im a bit sour about that. its only my third day
and i had no clue i would dread going this much. but once i
get into the swing of things i wont feel this way at all
but as of now i wish i could just lay in bed, it rained all
day yesterday, and the fires needed it so i was very happy
that happened plus i love the rain so i was pleased. even
thou my red hair color rain for my costume ran down my
face, it was a good nite . angela and i went over to alanas
for a bit and chilled with her and zach, and anthony scared
the shit out of me but im ok!!!!and well i came home , did
what i had to do and crashed i was sooo tired, so im glad i
slept well because today, well today will be one of the
longest days of my life !!tell you bout it later....

fancy ( willma ) *