Crazy life.....Crazy girl
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2001-03-05 04:30:37 (UTC)

I found out tonight that some..

I found out tonight that some people don't deal with
popularity as well as others do. Kim, someone i have known
since 7th grade and been best friends with, has never been
very popular. I mean, she wasn't a nerd, but she wasn't
like the most popular girl in school. In the past few
weeks, she has started hanging out with ONE GUY that is
kind of in the "popular croud" and suddenly she thinks
she's britney spears and can treat people any way she
wants. She didn't even call me all week even though she
knew i was sick and wanted to talk to her becuase i left
who knows how many messages on her machine telling her to
call me. Then, when she finally does call me, all she could
talk about the whole time was how she burned her ear with
her curling iron trying to answer her cell phone that was
ringing. She didn't talk about anything but superficial
stuff like how she thought her ears were tiny and they
didn't look good with anything but hoop earings...OH MY
I don't know what else to sya tonight other than i
talked to Justin and he was acting strange as well. He and
i talked on the phone late last night, flirting with
eachotehr as usual, but today on the phone, something was
bothering him and he wouldn't even tell me what it was.
Thats really wierd beucase he is usually really open about
his feelings.
Oh, and my Mom even treated me like she didn't like
me today. I tried to hug her and she just walked away,
saying she was busy cooking. There was more stuff, but i
just don't want to talk about it. I slammed the door to my
room afterwards and just started throwing pillows all
around my room to relieve my anger. Needless to say it
didn't work, and thats why i'm here babbling on...So, if
anyone is reading this, I'm really sorry you had to hear
about all that junk...*peace*