Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-11-01 16:16:21 (UTC)


sex is anything but beutifull, or romantic. sex is
disgusting, disgracefull, messy, noisy, sweaty, ugly, and
i love it! hahaha. new news.....i have mono and it ruined
my weekened and my week but whatever, so i did'nt get a
modeling contract, i did'nt have a halloween, i did'nt go
to sixflags, i did'nt go to the Kitty concert, i did'nt go
to the Brand New concert, i did'nt meet Brand New, i
did'nt help arian write lyrics for Cry havoc, i did'nt see
any of my friends, it's not the end of the world, bt it
does suck ass. so i cant go anywhere for a while, and i
get to stay out of school for a while, but actually, i do
miss seeing my friends, but i dont miss going to
school....my moms brough my homework to me from school so
ive been staying caught up, so really i dont wanna go back
to school that badly. for halloween my dad baught my
favorite movie on dvd for me "house of 1000 corpses" and
even tho he did'nt wanna see it he watched it with me
becuase he knowes it's my fave movie and i was exited to
be watching it with him. so really it was'nt that bad,
even tho i couldent go out...it's rare that i have good
times like that with my dad...i really like it. he
actually did'nt hate the movie also...he thought it was
ok, intresting, entertaining, which is what anyone would
say about it. it is a sadistis, gory, horror film, and it
is my favorite. i wont be writing as often....but whatever.

glassjaw-"ry ry's song"