I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-11-01 05:01:01 (UTC)

Boo To You

Happy Halloween all. This will be an entry with some
updates. So, I’ll jump in.

On Thursday, I had gotten up early and went to work and
then to school. I was exhausted in class and it was boring
and I kept nodding off. I was trying really hard to stay
awake, and then I fell asleep and my head went flying and
I was so embarrassed. Then, to my chagrin, I heard a voice
from the back of the room. “That girl cracks me up.” I was
mortified. *sigh* It sucked and I felt like shit.

I stayed home this evening and answered the door for trick
or treaters. There were a few small kids and they were
cute, but it was a quiet evening and I had dumplings.

This is turning out to be much less of an entry than I had

Fancy that.