Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-10-31 08:59:42 (UTC)

i love LA

Wow so much has happened...
I started working at Starbucks today.
It was fine.
I hate opening, closing and preparing food.
But other than that it was great.
Yesterday was awesome...
Ben, Clay, Jon and I went to Universal studios.
the things we got for free?
2 meals
2 desserts
tickets to Universal
front of the line passes
and tickets to Craig Kilborn

favorite ride: Shrek 4-D
least favorite ride: Backdraft

then last night the band and I bamboozelled our way into
Lance Bass' (*Nsync) Halloween Party
I was a little disappointed I thought JT, and Britney,
Jessica and Nick...etc would be there
the only famous people there were Lance, JC, and Ryan Starr
(American Idol)
but oh well
it was kool to lie my way into a famous persons exclusive
party at a mansion in the hills of LA with open bar and
free food.
how cool am I?

ok well that is it for now I need sleepy
so please pray for me and my friends/band
much love
CD: Rufus Wainwright : Want
Movie: The Italian Job
Book: Radiohead biography