It smells like poop over here
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2003-10-31 06:25:23 (UTC)

white america...

look at these eyes, baby blue, baby just like yourself, if
they were brown shady lose, shady sits on the shelf.....so
fuck school, im too cool to go back, gimme a mic, show me
where the fucking studios at." yeah eminem, good job
representing the D.
hmmm, so tricia is over yesterday, we're talking before
bed and she says, "wanna fool around?" so i say "no, i
feel bad about it." (for doing that to lauren). so she
gets all pissy and i gotta go into all this shit i don't
wanna talk about...me being with her, me and lauren
breaking up (i don't think im gonna do that anymore) and
being happy and all that. so tomorrow, when i really just
wanna get blasted, im not gonna be able to, cause i have
to drive home in sasha's parents van then get up for work
the next morning. dammit, i hate people. plus tricia
invited like 3 people to go with her, and im thinking "you
weren't really invited, i asked you if you wanted to go,
not do you wanna go with 3 of your friends?" that's
bullshit, she's just a friend of a friends brother, she
can't be all inviting whoever she wants, so i hope nick
doesn't get pissed off because of that...plus she's
probably gonna get sloppy drunk.
i don't know, i just want halloween to kick ass and
it's not gonna. i can't wait to see alkaline on saturday,
one of the best parts about that show...ill be going
alone...finally, ill be alone.


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