Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2003-10-31 02:57:04 (UTC)


Hello all, I really dont think this will be long but I
thought that I would write and just talk.

Almost a month and three weeks, 49 days till is see my baby
and I couldnt be more excited about it. We are picking him
up on the 19th and I will be so happy. I have been waiting
for him to call but no word from him yet which I guess is
ok cuz I know he might now have time. A few things arouse
up in like less then a week so I dont know what to do about
them so I am just trying to figure them out. Already all
these problems have started and I dont know how to deal
with them alone. I still have yet to really talk to Corys
dad about everything going on, he kinda never really talks
to me when I call so I dont know.

Other then all that there pretty much is all the added
stress of school and everyday life. Trying to figure things
out for myself and yet trying to please everyone else and
still get good grades which I am busting my ass of trying
to do but enough for today I will write back later if I

As always Jenn

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