malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-10-31 01:54:43 (UTC)


today has had its ups and downs... i go to disneyland, have
an okay time because i spend half of it thinking about
whether my teacher got my proposal, if she didn't i am in a
whole lot of bad business. i've been stressing over this
point all day, and it is completely fatiguing. then i came
to class late because i didn't really feel like going to
school; until i remembered we had a quiz in math today. so
i drag myself there, an hour late. my teacher gives me a
rather curious look. i take my quiz, ace it of coarse. only
to check my mail and find out that my teacher didn't
recieve it. so now i have to do some serious pleading and
get her to let me off. if i don't i think i might have
seriously jepeordized my english grade. which is the whole
point of Junior college; to get better grades than you did
in high school. if i am going to get crqappy grades, i
wasted money, and oh my. i think i've about rambled myself
to death....