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2003-10-31 00:48:20 (UTC)

Smack My Bitch Up

Me, Crystal, and Adrienne are driving in my car. We go to
leave the iParty parking lot when a car full of african
american women almost hit us. Even tho I had the right of
way, apparently they were convinced I cut them off. They
started honking the horn and flipping us off... so
naturally, we all start waving snad dancing. We get to the
next stoplight and two of the 5 or so women get out of the
car and start banging a hairspray bottle on my window
screaming for us to get out of the car. We all started
laughing and waving and smiling... which only enraged them
more... they kept banging and hitting my car.. so Adrienne
got on the phone and called the cops. While she was on the
phone with them, the 2 women got back in the car and
proceeded to tailgate us. I slammed on the brakes and they
almost hit my car. I wish they did. I could use the
insurance money, plus I'd like to see them get in trouble
for accosting us. They backed off for awhile... then they
pulled up along side of us and started yelling "pull the
muthafuckin car over!!!" So naturally, I smiled and told
them sure, I'll pull over. The followed us for about a
mile...still screaming and yelling, and then finally turned

Title:The Prodigy