2003-10-30 18:48:43 (UTC)

Domestic Chores and Small Comforts

A day of domestic chores and small comforts.

I did laundry and took my time folding clean, warm towels
and sheets. I hung up John's shirts and my dresses so they
wouldn't get wrinkled, sorted socks and then carefully
tucked clothes into dressers and hung them in closets.

I scrubbed out the kitchen sink, wiped up counters, swept
and mopped the kitchen floor.

I dusted the bookcases, made coffee, got the mail, made the bed.

I took a package of beef soup bones in the freezer and put
them in a hot oven for an hour and then in a stockpot to
make soup. I made an apple pie, put a loaf of bread out to
rise, made a batch of oatmeal cookies.

The house is cozy and warm and bright. There's a fire in
the fireplace and more cookies in the oven and in a few
hours the stock will be done and I'll make the soup.

It's almost 11 a.m. This afternoon I'll knit or quilt or
perhaps take a short nap before beginning to make dinner.
Life is good.