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2003-10-30 18:45:10 (UTC)

On top of the world

Well, half as an entry and half in reply to Yoshi's last
comment, things couldn't be better now!

Before I get started, though, I'll say this to Yoshi. I
know Alyssa is one of those people that would worry about
anyone's well-being, but you could take it as a very good
sign that she's so worried about your safety during your
trip to Israel (sp). Just a thought.

Andy, Chandi and I went to Jessica's choir concert last
night. She did great, and I loved it. Of course, that's
really not surprising considering she was involved. I'd
love anything under those circumstances. You get the
point, though.

After the concert, I waited in the auditorium to meet
her. Unfortunately, I was late to the concert--we got
there just as the choir was going offstage and the show
choir was coming on, so luckily I got there just in the
nick of time to catch her performance. Anyway, she chewed
me out about getting there late, and I gave her a half-
assed explanation/excuse as to why (We weren't ready to
leave home until about 6:45, then we had to go pick up
Chandi, then we had to go look for Tiffany, then we got
lost in G-ville looking for the high school--give me a
break, alright. I've been there a total of maybe five
times in my life.).

We goofed around for a little while, then she told me she
had to tell me something and led me away from everyone
else. (I know what you're thinking, Yoshi, and that didn't
happen--unfortunately.) She then told me that she'd
thought about it a lot, and decided she's willing to
give "us" another chance relationship-wise.

I'm not necessarily physically excited--I'm sitting in
front of my computer typing this instead of jumping around
screaming for joy--but you can bet your ass I'm the
happiest man alive right now. The thought of jumping
around and screaming for joy has crossed my mind numerous
times, and it's definitely still a very real possibility.
In fact, if you'll excuse me . . . .

Okay, I feel better now. Not to mention worn out. Oh
well, it's all more than worth it!

So in answer to your question, Yoshi, I did tell her how I
feel about it; but it doesn't really matter anymore. I am
the absolute happiest man alive. Her parents' rule that
she has to go out with other guys still applies, of
course, but I can live with that. Hell, I could live with
just about anything right now.

I went down to Smith's this morning to get some papers
from Judy like she told me to. Now I have a fairly large
stack of forms and such sitting on my bed behind me. As
I've said before, I don't know that it's garaunteed (sp)
that I've got the job, but it's sure looking that way.
Yet another reason to be happy. True, it pales in
comparison, but every little bit helps. Soon, I'll
finally have a job of my own, then I can get all those
annoying little debts paid off, then I can finally start
buying the things I need/want--a driver's lisence and car
not the least of them.

Of course I'll also go on dates with and spoil Jessica,
but that's just to be expected.

I've got to clean my parents' downstairs shower today to
get money to go on a date with Jessica tonight. She and I
and a whole bunch of other people are going to Castle Of
Chaos, a sort of haunted house-type place she's told me
about. It's kind of surprising, but when I think about
it, not really. Normally, if I were to ask my Mom for
money, she would offer $10 at MOST for cleaning the Rodeo
completely--vacuuming, washing windows, armor-all; the
works! For cleaning the shower, I would normally expect
$5 max. However, I've got some leverage this time. When
I was talking with her the other day, I asked her what I
could do to earn some money to go on a date with Jessica.

Understand, my Mom loves Jessica like a daughter she never
had. Jessica was having troubles at Messiah practice last
Sunday, and left the rehearsal crying. My Mom, noticing
the leaving early and the crying, was worried as could be
that something was wrong with her, and she called me the
following day to see if I knew anything about it. She
even told Jessica in school on Monday that she'd been
awake half the night sick with worry for her. My Mother,
bless her; the world could use more people like that.

Anyway, that all got worked out, thankfully. As I said, I
asked her what I could do to earn some money for a dage
with Jessica. She asked how much and I told her $15. She
then surprised me immensely by saying that should be worth
cleaning the shower. Granted, it's not exactly spit-spot,
and I have to do it to her specifications; but it's really
not all that dirty either, and considering I use it every
morning, this is benefitting me doubly.

Like I said, it surprised me, but then I realized that
Jessica's involvement probably has a lot to do with it.
So I need to stop by the folks' house today in the
afternoon to clean their shower before we head out tonight
for the haunted house place. I'm sure it will be worth
it, though. I look forward to a good time, and as Jessica
will be there, I don't see how it could be anything else.