An inconcluded life
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2003-10-30 14:29:40 (UTC)


Trust is indeed a big word.

When do you really know you start trusting someone? That I
am not sure of. I just know that you trust your parents
cuz they're the ones that recomfort you every day by
feeding you and reassuring you that you are not goint to
starve to death. You start growing and they're the ones
checking out that you fall and you're ok to either stand
back up so bad that they have to take you to the hospital.
You trust your parents cuz they earn your trust.

Friends... That is the worst waste of energy. It is so
hard to find a friend whom you can REALLY trust! In my
years of experience I have only found 2. Only 2 friends
whom I can trust with my closed eyes and who have not
failed me and have been there with me in the worst moments
of my life. Only 2.

Men... should I waste my words on this one? Well, I
should, I guess the reason why I started today's entry is
because of men. I've trusted one too many times. When can
you know if you're trusting the right person? I've thought
I can trust way too many times and I always end up
screwed. I am scared now. I am trying so hard to trust
again, but something inside me insists in planting the
seeds of doubt. I don't want to doubt him but something
deep inside me tells me that he will not have the guts to
meet me. That there is something he is hiding and he is
not going to come out and tell me.

I've had too much patience. 90 days have passed and I
still hold on to my promise. In these 90 days, only one day
has passed without us speaking. Heck did I really miss
him!!! So 89 days we've spent hours on the phone making
promises and talking about our fantasies. But will they
ever come true?

I'll keep you posted.