Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-10-30 13:05:18 (UTC)

Here we are again...

Oh hell's bells, I didn't write in here yesterday. Oh
well, I just didn't have much to say, I kept having
problems with my internet connection and we had a doctor's
appointment yesterday morning.
No big deal, they want me to drink more water and not drink
the decaffeinated tea (because it's still an 'herb'). I
did the whole glucose test and should hear back the results
soon to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes.
The only surprise was that I am measuring 29-30 weeks when
I'm only supposedly just over 28 weeks. But we (my Mom and
I) have always known that this due date was a bit off, and
that if the doctor keeps the current due date, the baby
will probably be here early. No biggie.
The only biggie is that we have pretty much nothing for the
baby yet and we have (supposedly) 11 weeks left. Rut ro!
But hey, I always stress a bit around this time of month,
it's the time that we are paying our biggest bills, the lot
rent ($300) and our mortgage. But, as always, we will
survive! We always do!
I guess I don't have a lot to say today either, or I'm just
distracted with what I'd like to get done today. It
doesn't really matter, I just need to run, Later!