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2003-10-30 09:11:16 (UTC)

Everything is cool

Talked to Chris via e-mail. Everything is cool. Didn't
go into detail about the less of a person thing, but oh
well. He said it's something he's been doing for quite a
while so it's nothing new to his wife. Doesn't make it
totally right, but oh well.

We chatted online tonight. He said he was wishing I'd
attack him in a hug or more sometime when I saw him.
Cause I'm so damn shy I don't seem to do things like
that. He said he'd like me to attack him sexually. I
told him that would take a very very very long time for me
to get that open with him. Might flash him sometime, but
not attack him.

Studied for the test. I'm getting up early to study more.

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