2003-10-29 20:34:16 (UTC)


I think when I did Monday's entry I gave it Tuesday's date.

Yesterday I made chicken noodle soup and two pumpkins pies
and baked two loaves of bread. Aimee is sick so I brought
her some soup and the pastor's husband is sick (they live
next door) so I left a basket on their doorstep with a
container of soup, a loaf of bread and a couple of pieces of
pumpkin pie.

When John came home from work we did a quick trip to Albany
(pick up his new eyeglasses, the ATM at the bank, the bread
store and gassing the car) and then to Corvallis (recycling,
the library and bringing some things to Owen that he
wanted). We got home just in time to fix a quick dinner and
then I headed for choir practice. We are beginning to sing
Christmas songs now.

I also talked to Karen about our upcoming projects--the
caroling at nursing homes, the Christmas baskets for the
elderly and the Christmas bazaar.

I baked two dozen Halloween (chocolate) cupcakes this
afternoon and will frost them with orange frosting and then
decorate them. These will be for snacks and lunches.

I did some grocery shopping on Monday and bought what I
needed to make my contribution to the church's Sunday
potluck dinner--minestrone, corn bread with honey butter and
an apple pie.

It seems lately my life is revolving around food quite a bit!