Visions Of Life
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2003-10-29 16:44:25 (UTC)


Here is how my month has gone:

October 12, I was in a car accident. Some dumb cunt ran a
solid red light and hit me at 50mph. My car was shoved over
20 feet and it is totaled. Luckily, an amulance was driving
by and witnessed the accident and came immediately to take
me to the ER. I was in and out of consciousness and
hysterical. This was the same day my other car decided to
start leaking gas btw. So I get x-rayed and nothing is
broken tho they claimed I had a bone chip in my finger.
Turns out it was glass. They didnt check my head even tho I
am pretty sure I had a concussion. I was barely able to
function for a week so i missed both work and school so I
feel I am behind in school. All i have been doing is seeing
doctors and trying to get someone to look at my head. I
cant count and cant think normally. I keep forgetting
things and Im still dizzy. Hired a lawyer monday so I dont
have to deal with the insurance company anymore. The cunt
didnt have insurance or a license. So because someone else
is an idiot, Im in constant pain and cant function
properly. Such is life I guess.

I had two tests saturday. I have a psych test next week and
two more tests in a couple weeks. I also have to finish my
60 page research paper which Im a week behind on. At least
I can write again. I couldnt write foir almost 2 weeks. I
get the glass surgically removed from my finger on tuesday.
Start physical therapy today.

This accident happened the day before Steves mom went in
for surgery for her breast cancer. We found out a week
afterwards that the cancer had spread. So monday she had
another surgery and is home now. I am terrified that she
isnt going to be okay. But I continue being optimistic and

I am also worried about Steve. He is at a point where he
cant handle anything more. All I can do for him is to

Besides all of that, my life is going well. Got another
raise and am getting outstanding grades in school. I love
school so much.I have no time for a life tho. I get up,
either go to the gym(tho I can only hottub right now
because of injury) or go to school, go to work, come home,
eat dinner then do homework till bedtime. I am actually
trying in school for the first time. Its time consuming but
rewarding. I dont have time for friends or going out but I
like how things are right now. I was hoping to go to Vegas
soon to elope but obviously, things are a bit too crazy.
Maybe after Christmas. Id get married right now but I
really want it to be special, not just going to a justice
of the peace and signing a paper. Vegas may not seem
special to many but i love that thought. In a year or so I
still plan on having an actual wedding, but right now we
are doing what we want.