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2003-10-29 12:09:11 (UTC)

"Wjhat do YOU think is the meaning of friendship?"

Hahaha I remember Dawn asking me that at the beach this
summer. It was her me and Ashleigh. I think creepy kid
was outside.

And then when I thought about it and composed a response to
that question in here, my diary, Ashleigh got her panties
all in a bunch and got all offended.

Well... I was avoiding the subject. Like last night when
she IMed me about my hair because I was talking to Cyrana
about it. I wanted to be like "What the fuck do you
care." But I tried to just ignore this... but I'm glad I'm
not the only one who's hurt and angry. "what the fuck what
is going on why does she keep trying to pull this shit does
she feel some kinda power trip in her constant ability to
dissappoint everyone around her." Which goes on for a page
and a half. No kidding. I mean, she totally SPRUNG this
trip to Atlanta on me, and I kept asking her are you sure,
are you sure, and she kept saying "yes yay!" and then I
asked for it off work which was a big deal for me I hate
doing that and I did and then this without nothing but
bullshit reasons behind it????

And I dont give a shit what she says about dialing my
number wrong Friday night thats a big load of bullshit if I
ever heard it because she could have got it from someone if
she was really trying and I TOLD her exactly where and when
to meet us if she came so that she would know so fuck

"I didnt know someone could be so cold inside." Well
WONDER WHY bitch! Because people pull shit like you!

All that shit about friendship meaning more to her, yeah I
can see that!! A FRIEND is someone who drives to Tampa on
an impulse even though everyone she knows gets mad at her
for it because her friend had a week from hell. A FRIEND
is NOT someone who cant even make it to someone's birthday
for a few hours when they know how important it is. and a
FRIEND doesnt tell someone they're coming up to visit them
and then change their mind at the last minute. FUCK THAT i