Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-10-29 07:06:01 (UTC)

I say, "Otay!"

Had a couple o' classes tonight. Got back my project, and
got 4 points taken off because before I turned it in, I
jotted some stuff down that I thought would help clarify
what I did....instead, I got it taken off because I was
using my own 'shorthand' method, and it won't float if it
had to be turned in for a grade...where everything written
down would be regarded as irrefutable. But, in my next
class, I was pleasantly surprised that I got the full
amount on that one.... Next week are tests in all my
subjects again....after next week, the only tests that will
be left will be finals....ugh.....

Fortune seems to be shining down upon me in some areas,
though. I found out that two of my credit cards have
lowered their APR's, so at least now I don't have to worry
about their crushing finance charges killing me.

Well, enough of that, I hope to be putting some employment
applications around town soon, so I can finally be put back
to where I used to be. Even though, I still would love to
continue to get my Ph.D, but we'll see...