2003-10-29 01:54:56 (UTC)

Only Human

My life would be so much easier if I didn't have to feel.
The closest I can get is to pretend that it's not real.
But just look where that got me, look where I am now.
What I need's a way out of here, and I don't

Or maybe I do, but I think she took all the rights I think
I had.
If I sit here and deny myself, it'll drive me fucking mad.
She doesn't mean to hurt me, of that I'm pretty sure.
But it boils down, I've got to choose who means more, him
or her.

I'm only human.
I can't help but feel.
You have to let me breathe.
You can't control me.

And all I need's to
Make this real.
My God, I can't breathe.
You can't console me.

My life would be so easier if you just took away.
The challenges that I meet up with day on endless day.
I'm broken down, it's over now, and please just let me be.
Don't hold me tight, cause it's not right; you don't know