Nick's Journal
2003-10-28 23:41:48 (UTC)

Freakin' out and job interviews

oddly enough the two are not related. i had a job
interview yesterday which was bullshit, they thought i had
cancelled so they made me sit for a half hour then they
crammed me in with this obnoxious over-eager bitch who
kept on gushing about every god-damn word the interviewer
said....i can't keep up with that much fakeness.
then today i had the interview that actually mattered, and
it was the best damn one i've ever had. we talked for 30
mins (she was this really hot chick, which kinda sucked
cos i kept on trying not to look at her tits). and then
she basically told me i had the job and that i just have
to talk to the boss guy. so that made my day like whoa.
seriously i'm so happy that the one job i wanted i got,
it's like serendipity or some other word i don't know the
meaning of.
anyhow the day wasn't without it's shortcomings....namely
me losing my shit. see i've been on very little sleep cos
it's been a damn stressful week, and i haven't eaten very
much either cos i'm trying to save money. so this morning
all i had had were 2 cups of coffee after no food for
about 15 hours or so. which doesn't really bother me
anyhow, but i guess it was the added stress of interviews
and two tough ass tests this week that caused me to go
apefaggot in art history today. you see everything was
fine, i was drifting in and out of consciousness as the
guest speaker droned on about buddhist art. i was doing
that for about 45 mins, until i noticed something.......he
looked EXACTLY like me. not a little bit, not a good
deal, but EXACTLY. seriously i added probably 50 lbs, i
would be him. moreover, since i took public speaking i'm
very familiar with how i sound and act when i'm in front
of a crowd giving a presentation......and he acted EXACTLY
like me. for a second i brushed it off thinking that i
was dreaming.
but then i "pinched" myself took a deep breath...looked at
him again, and now more than ever he looked exactly like
me...his stance...EVERYTHING!!! so i just absolutely lost
my shit. i'm sitting htere hyperventilating, freakin'
out, shittin' myself...and starting to sweat. i'm
fidgeting and trying to keep from just running screaming
to the doors. i told myself, "ok nick, leave, just
leave", but i couldn't.......i just had to wait and get up
close and make sure that he didn't look that much like
so for the next 30 mins. i sat in tortured silence, the
notion that my evil, boring twin was up there, scraped at
me like the tag of my oxford shirt. i was seriously
sweatin' up my interview clothes. finally the class
thankfully ended, and i cautiously waited for everyone to
file out, glancing to make sure that none of them looked
like me too. then i very gingerly made my way down the
steps to the floor of the auditorium. i moved by him the
long way (which must have looked odd if anybody had
bothered to notice), all the while watching him like some
fascinating creature that you don't want to get too near
to. anyhow, i got close enough and i wasn't at all
satisfied. he didn't look as much like me but he still
had some distinguishing features, and of course his stance
was exactly like mine.
i quickly made my way to the interview and my day looked
up from there.
on a side note i love that it's getting know
why? cos it's sorta filters out the pathetic losers. see
in the summer any shit-head can go outside cos it doesn't
take much effort, throw on some shorts, no shirt, you're
set to go. in the winter though you need to take your
time. you need to get dressed, and there's the added
displeasure of coldness. the vain can't show off their
muscles as well and the fat can't show off their flab.
ah, i LOVE this time of year.