2003-10-28 23:11:23 (UTC)

Alot about Nothing.

Have you ever wondered why people are ignorant. I think I
have found the reason. But I am pretty sure there is no
cure... If there is, please tell me..I would love to give
it to a couple people I know. A couple people who lie all
the who says they are sick, when all they really
want is to be attention, or says they are always at work,
when we know different. So anyway..I dont feel like talking
about the anoexic bitches anymore.
We havent heard from Norman and Andy lately. They are
probably out riding around and sideswiping those dirt
piles. They're kinda crazy, but its nice to have a change.
It surprises me how close me and Andy really
are...considering he is my ex. But people can work things
out... He's a sweety...Im so happy that Misty knows she is
the only one for me...cause if she didnt, Im sure the boys
wouldnt be around much... We get really close to them..its
its nice to know we can depend on them. Well...Im gonna go
make some love.....see ya all later.