Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2003-10-28 19:20:35 (UTC)

All Hallows Eve

If it aint one thing it's another.

Hospitals, Funeral Homes, etc.

Yet again, Halloween drives a stake through my
perverbial heart. My dear, sweet Aunt Pat passed away
yesterday and more than likely the service will be on
Friday down in Virginia. I'm sure it'll be early and I'll
either have to leave at three or four in the morning or go
down the night before and get a room or something I
can't afford. I'd ask my Uncle to stay there but that's too
much like intrusion in my mind. I know if my wife died I
wouldn't want anyone around the night before the
funeral. I'd want to hide in a little cave and weep for
many days.

I wonder how long that goddamned car dealership will
give him for time off? After I'm sure he's taken time off
for all the hospital time and emergencies and such. I
can only hope they're human about it. But then it's a car
dealership and they aren't exactly known for their

My cousins should recover well enough but he'll take it
hard I'm sure. I wish there was more I could do.
Yeah...three states away, I'm a big help.