2003-10-28 14:43:28 (UTC)

Reporting from Germanz...

Zes mz y is a z and vice versa. Besides that itäs cool. In
an internet cafe. Having a blast. Soul searching. I do
have to lose mattew though. Heäs cool but I gotta do this
on mz own. Well anzwaz, weäre stazing in an ex- hore
house. Itäs cool though. There is a fuzz ball table at the
bar downstairs, and the punkz batenders are real nice.

Our rooms have themes. Mine is a India stzle room. There
is also the grecian and the bridal sweet, pimp room,
jungle room, normal casual room, gay sailor room, spider
web room, and the dungeun room.

We get up at 9 or so, have breakfast downstairs at 10,
then quote on qoute studz till 12 or so. After we have
free time until 5 when we have to end up at Kampnagle
where we have rehearsal at six. I still gotta get lunch.
We buy lunch in between with our own monez or the cash
given to us bz the theatre. Weäre suppose to go see matrix
when it comes out but I wonät. g2g