It smells like poop over here
2003-10-28 07:18:42 (UTC)

like a feindish tropic virus, spitting bile on all you whores...

razor sharp, tongue and cheek, poking in your open sores,
a wolf in sheeps clothing, the ultimate disgrace, wrapped
up as a gift of god, exploding in your face." what's a
better song to get all pumped up with other
than "megalomaniac" by KMFDM....well, "walk" by pantera,
but whatever.
just chilling, mike's past out and im listening to
tunes and eating doritos; cause we all know how healthy
those are for you.
becca called me today. i was at work so i didn't
answer, she didn't leave a message, but she called mike as
well. i just want my ring back and to forget the other
night ever happened.
tricia called me as well. she's still pretty sick. now,
im just kinda getting annoyed with her. she thinks we're
going out, even though i've made it pretty clear that we
are not and i wouldn't date her....that sounds shitty, but
i don't wanna be the guy who gives her a first impression
of what a boyfriend is. now she feels compelled to say "i
love you" whenever we get off the phone..and for some
reason she feels the need to talk my ear off for 20
minutes before she can hang up. well, i feel a little
better about that aftering having wrote it down. now to
move onto lauren.
for the past...3 weeks or so, i haven't been too sure
of where we stand or what the bloody hell is going on
between us. but today, i wanted to call her. i was gonna
call her when i got home from watching RAW at kwan's
house, but she called me about 5 minutes before i could
call her. it was weird, we had a nice conversation, made
plans for friday and flirted a little bit. maybe
everything will be ok. see, on the phone tonight, i wanted
to talk to her, so i did...and everything was good. which
leads me to the last temptation that all of our problems
were merely focused and caused by me. so there's the
solution....well, i haven't thought that far ahead...in
fact i have no solution in mind at all, but i know what
the problem is...me. im just gonna have to work on that.
work on what i don't know...probably my raging insanity...
and my herpes...wait, i dont' have herpes.
so anyway, friday is not too far off. friday also
having to be halloween, also just so happening to be my
favorite holiday. although, i do enjoy new years a lot,
becuase it's ok to get totally ripped outta your mind. but
anyway, it's the only holiday that doesn't encourage
family get-togethers and closeness n shit like that. it's
all about having fun, concealing yourself and running
around at night. and of course, if you live in the metro
detroit area, devils night...well, now known as angels
night. but about 5 years ago, on all hallows eve, detroit
reaked of gun smoke, blood, rape, and house fires. lemme
tell ya, it was crazy growing up as a kid but my dad would
let me watch him fire the shot gun in the air, that was
kinda cool.
this year, on devils night, im going to some metal show
with dan and rich. then friday, mike, sasha, rich,
LAUREN, and myself are going to nick's brothers party up
at MSU. unfortunately, i can't get totally ripped outta my
skull, cause im gonna have to drive back later that night
so i can get some sleep before i gotta work the next
morning. but do you know what comes around on saturday
night? alkaline trio baby, im gonna get a ticket tomorrow.
im probably just gonna end up going alone, maybe meeting
rick down there or something. so in a nut shell, i think
that's gonna be my weekend.
i asked for a few days off in november so i could go to
some kick ass shows. i only got the night off for 2 of em.
wednesday im gonna see if i can get someone to cover for
me, or switch with someone. i don't have to go see LTJ and
rufio, that'd be tight to see rufio, specially with LTJ,
but i HAVE to go to anti-flag. that's one of the few bands
i really like that i haven't seen. i dunno, ill figure
something out. i guess i really don't have much to say, i
gotta say it was a good day...i didn't even have to use
my...im not even gonna finish it. PEACE


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