2003-10-28 06:02:54 (UTC)

My Last Free Monday.

I heard the alarm this morning..I pretty much ignorned
it..But Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen...hoping
it was because I had to go pee..But it wasn't. Misty called
my doctor...they said to go to ER. So Misty drove me to the
hospital. We got there at 12:00...and left a little after
4:00. The old man in the "room" next to me had a stroke or
something..he was a funny man. all we had between us was a
curtain. They made me drink some nasty green meds that made
my numb from the tip of my tongue to the bottom of my
stomach..They took 5 viles of blood and a few xrays. When I
first got there..they thought it was my gulbladder, then
maybe my apendix, but they said it was probably kidney
stones...but I lucked out big time... I guess I just have a
virus in my stomach and the pain is a muscle I
am on sedative meds. ... so Misty will be driving for about
2 weeks.. So we rented a few movies and we will be watching
them until Wednesday when I go for a follow up.. In
December, I have to have a catscan done and maybe surgery
done so I can breathe better. Im on different meds for my
asthma..I havent had to use my inhaler for about 1 week.
I felt bad today because we missed our dance class. But we
went in after the hospital to talk to Cindy.
Maybe tomorrow Misty and I will clean out the Acura and
put a FOR SALE sign on it. That's if I can move in the
morning. Its a nice car.. We just dont want it.
Well, Im gonna go tuck in my baby and lay down next to her
now. You all have a nice night.