Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-10-28 04:06:03 (UTC)


From the depths of Kini-Nui, I had gathered that it isn't
what you do, it is what you think ought to do. To think
before you do would be a boon for those who watch you. Last
night I worked at a store; the night before, I actually
drove the company van to yet another store. Friday, when
she called, I was already in anticipation for the job, but
driving the van wasn't what I had planned. I agreed to
drive it, since I didn't see any reason to disagree.
Driving the beast, wasn't too much of a chore, but $7 USD
per hour seemed not enough to compensate for the safety of
the individuals in the rear.

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It didn't take much, we arrived back at a decent hour, and
I called in the time of our return.

The next night, yesterday, I was once again the backseat
passenger, and lo, all the ones I had driven the night
before were there, except one. I didn't know how to
react... The night before had turned into something
intensely personal, but that night, it was the extreme
opposite, and so I didn't know how to react. I kept quiet
the whole time, and stared out the window, and read the
sights as they passed by. This was the way I drive when I
had to drive to class on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It
was cool out, and Halloween was fast approaching. It had
all the ingredients of a magical event, and I felt it
encroaching upon my heels, as I made my way into the mall.

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When we got back, I sat in front of my computer for most of
the night and into the morning, installing and upgrading,
and updating. Slow-ass connection speed...

I showed up for class this afternoon, but again didn't pay
attention to the teach, since I was already about 2 weeks
behind, and so thought that I'd be better off learning on
my own anyway, and so spent the class time on the internet,
updating my calendar, writing reminders on,
and trying to complete an IQ test that I had already done,
but it just popped up out of nowhere, and I thought it was
just an excellent time to complete it.

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