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2003-10-28 03:35:12 (UTC)

Everything's Not Lost

And now for a list of memories:

*The Six Flags era with Mitch, Mona, and Crystal
*Trying to stay up all night with Max
*Talking to Josh everyday
*Working drive thru with Nate and working window with Jory
at McDonald's
*Free period with Snelling and Shawn Miller
*Fenway Park with Eric Mason and Kaylee
*Ultimate secret agent laser tag in Kaylee's basement
*Talking to Ron Daigle on the phone till 4 in the morning
*Ron Daigle in general
*The bus ride with Rico, Tim, and Ken
*When Max chopped the snake in half with a shovel
*Sitting with Christian, Mark, John and Pat at lunch
*The 90's
*Eighth grade
*When uncle Danny told me and Max to go egg his neighbors
*When Heidi was cool to chill with
*When punk wasn't popular
*Rocko's Modern Life and Salute Your Shorts, just Oldschool
Nickelodean in general
*When I puked up M&M's on Max
*When MTV played music Videos
*When I almost fell out of Josh's car
*Talking online to Steve till 6 in the morning
*The Sifl and Ollie show


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