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2003-10-28 03:18:50 (UTC)

Artificial Sweetner

As promised, the list of things I love:

I love:
*Green Day
*writing boring journals
*making collages
*the color black
*The 90's
*hanging out in Enfield with Joe 42
*Doing absolutely nothing and having an awesome time with
*Pizza Hut
*Angelina Jolie
*Quentin Tarantino films
*Stanley Kubrick films
*Talking about the Matrix endlessly with Sansone
*Johnny Depp
*The Catcher In The Rye
*Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
*being a mallrat
*free with Rick and Adrienne
*The Shadow
*Monty Python
*Coca Cola
*how music sounds so much better in the car at night
*how everything is better at night
*Italian food
*mafia movies

Title:No Doubt

Like before, I'll add and subtract from the list as time
goes on.