A Day in the Life of Me
2003-10-28 01:54:16 (UTC)

lost all alone

ever felt so out of place in a place that had to be your
home? got away from what you knew just so that you could
get a fresh start. the old wasn't supposed to follow you.
this was supposed to be a completely new beginning. but the
past somehow found you and now seems to haunt you. and
strangely, that's the only thing that is familiar. this new
young handsome man is beating down your door, crying out
for you, reaching out to you, telling you how much he
desires you, how he wants to treat you right, how all he
wants to do is love you and take care of you and watch out
for you for the rest of your life. in the mean time your
ear continuously leans towards the hell crazed, immature
boy who was enticing and exciting at first, but as time
wore on he abused you and beat you, hurt you and killed
your spirit. remember that's why you left, to get away. you
know you're better than that. there's a reason that you're
stuck where you are. you may not see it, and you may not
want to see it, but you're growing. out of everything comes
a lesson, just maybe some that we have to learn the hard
way, or in some way that isn't easy and makes us want to
give up. nothing's the way i want it to be or thought it
would be, but then again when are my dreams ever a reality?
probably never. i think my heart sheds more tears than i
ever will. but what good's a stiff upper lip if what's
holding it up is soft and mushy?