2003-10-27 19:49:54 (UTC)

Most of October

I didn't write during most of October but I did accomplish
quite a bit. The yard and the garden are now cleaned up and
ready for winter, there is a good load of wood ready for the
fireplace, I've bought mincemeat and chocolate and currants
and nuts and other goodies in preparation for holiday
baking. I've knit quite a few hats for the bazaar but I'll
need to stop soon and start making doll quilts and ornaments
so I'll have a variety of things to sell. At the end of the
month I'll start baking the little loaves of pumpkin, lemon
and orange bread and the cookies I want to include too.

I've kept busy with church activities--choir, getting ready
for the bazaar and the Christmas baskets for the elderly.
I'll be secretary to the church administrative board
starting in January. Next Sunday we're having a soup
potluck and I'll be bringing minestrone, corn bread with
honey butter and an apple pie. This will get John to
go--he'll get to eat only the food I cook if he wishes.

The house is decorated for Halloween inside and out.
Outside isn't much--a wooden sign on the front porch of a
pumpkin and "autumn greetings" and a carved pumpkin on the
steps but there are quite a few decorations inside even
though I've never found my missing box of Halloween stuff.

It's hard to realize that Christmas is less than two months
ago with the weather we've been having. There's been very
little rain and the weather has been so warm I've kept the
doors and windows open in the late mornings and early
afternoon. The high today is supposed to be 75 degrees but
it'll be cooling down considerably by the end of the week.
The high on Halloween is predicted to be in the mid 40's
with the lows in the mid 20's. Brrrr....What a change that
will be!